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Section 9 - Rubber

This sections contains 337 standards.

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[Vol. 09.01] - Rubber, Natural and Synthetic - General Test Methods; Carbon Black

Published annually in July. Ships as published. This set includes 212 standards. Volume 09.01 contains tests and practices for evaluating rubber, rubber-like materials, and carbon black. Some general tests and practices fix standard procedures for performing chemical analysis, assessing processability, physical properties, aging and weathering effects, low temperature effects, and adhesion. Others evaluate compounding materials, carbon black, and synthetic rubbers, such as CR, IIR, IR, NBR, BR, and SBR. This volume also details standards on natural rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, and terminology.

[Vol. 09.02] - Rubber Products, Industrial - Specifications and Related Test Methods; Gaskets; Tires

Published annually in August. This volume contains 128 standards. Volume 09.02 features specifications, tests, and practices for evaluating rubber products such as: rubber surgical and examination gloves; automotive and aeronautical rubber; packing, seals, and gasket materials; hose and belting; coated fabrics; latex foam, sponge, and expanded cellular rubber. It includes various tests, practices, and guides that identify the performance characteristics of tires and specify criteria to evaluate them. Volume 09.02 also features standards on gaskets, which specify, classify, or describe pertinent properties of commercial nonmetallic gaskets, enveloped gaskets, and laminate composite gasket materials (LCGM) for use with corrosion-resistant process equipment.