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Section 6 - Paints, Related Coatings, and Aromatics

This sections contains 838 standards.

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[Vol. 06.01] - Paint - Tests for Chemical, Physical, and Optical Properties; Appearance

Published annually in February. This volume contains 254 standards. This volume features the latest test methods for the chemical, physical, and optical properties of paints. Some pertain to the chemical analysis of paints and paint materials, including determination of volatiles, nonvolatiles, pigments, water content, and other constituents. Others detail how to measure the physical properties of applied paint films, such as film thickness and adherence, physical strength, resistance to chemicals, and environmental factors. Standards on the physical and optical properties of liquid paints also appear. Tests and practices that pertain to the measurement of color and appearance of materials, including standards for photoluminescent safety materials also appear.

[Vol. 06.02] - Paint - Products and Applications; Protective Coatings; Pipeline Coatings

Published annually in February. This volume contains 268 standards. Volume 06.02 covers architectural finishes and paint products, such as traffic coatings, marine coatings, industrial protective coatings, and masonry treatments. Other standards examine paint applications in factories, coil coal metal, coatings on preformed products, printing inks, artists' paints, and paint application tools. Other subject areas include the determination of graffiti resistance and definitions for problems that develop with printed matter as a result of deficiencies in ink, substrate, or press. Tests for applying and evaluating protective coatings and linings in power generation facilities, and standards on the durability of pipeline coatings and linings also appear in this volume.

[Vol. 06.03] - Paint - Pigments, Drying Oils, Polymers, Resins, Naval Stores, Cellulosic Esters, and Ink Vehicles

Published annually in March. This volume contains 143 standards. This volume includes specifications and test methods that establish property requirements for various pigments, including white, black, bronze, blue, and red; drying oils; resins; and polymers. Other standards pertain to naval stores, primarily rosins; others cover cellulosic esters; and several focus on ink vehicles and hydrocarbon resins.

[Vol. 06.04] - Paint - Solvents; Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Published annually in March. This volume contains 169 standards. Under the heading of solvents, this volume features specifications that establish the standard property requirements for various solvents, including aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, ketones, and esters. Accompanying the specifications are tests that define standard procedures for conducting physical and chemical tests on solvents and for determining solubility and miscibility. Others cover aromatic hydrocarbons and related chemicals, excluding those used as fuel or lubricants.