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Section 3 - Metals Test Methods and Analytical Procedures

This sections contains 726 standards.

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[Vol. 03.01] - Metals - Mechanical Testing; Elevated and Low-Temperature Tests; Metallography

Published annually in July. This volume contains 135 standards. Volume 03.01 covers tests and practices for mechanical testing procedures, including: machine calibration, bend and flexure testing, compression, ductility, formability, elastic properties, impact, linear thermal expansion, shear, torsion, residual stress, tension testing, structural films for MEMS, and electronic applications. Other standards cover fatigue and fracture testing of materials, including crack tip opening displacement (CTOD), fracture toughness measurement, and linear elastic plane-strain fracture toughness of metallic materials. Also featured are metallography tests and practices that define standard optical, electron, and X-ray procedures for determining the constituents and structure of metals and alloys.

[Vol. 03.02] - Corrosion of Metals; Wear and Erosion

Published annually in August. This volume contains 129 standards. Tests, practices, and guides detail standard procedures, both field and laboratory, which measure atmospheric corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue, corrosion in natural waters and soil, and in-plant corrosion. This volume also includes tests and practices on how to assess wear and erosion of materials and structures.

[Vol. 03.03] - Nondestructive Testing

Published annually in October. This volume contains 154 standards. This volume covers the latest standards on nondestructive testing of engineering materials, structures, and assemblies to detect flaws and characterize materials properties.

[Vol. 03.04] - Magnetic Properties

Published annually in April. This volume contains 61 standards. Volumes 03.03 and 03.04 of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards provide standards on nondestructive testing of engineering materials, structures and assemblies to detect flaws and characterize the properties of materials. NDT methods cover: Reference Radiological Images, Radiology (Neutron, X, Gamma), Digital Imaging, Acoustic Emission, Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle, Electromagnetic, Leak Testing, and Ultrasonic. Important changes that may impact your purchase decision: All standards from Committee A06 on Magnetic Properties have moved from Volume 03.04 to NEW Volume 03.07 Magnetic Properties. Standards from Committees E07 on Nondestructive Testing will now appear in both Volume 03.03 and Volume 03.04, split as follows: Volume 03.03 — Nondestructive Testing (E94 – E2373) Volume 03.04 — Nondestructive Testing (E2374 – latest)

[Vol. 03.05] - Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores, and Related Materials: E 32 - latest

Published annually in October. This volume contains 123 standards. Volumes 3.05 includes procedures for obtaining and reporting chemical analyses of ferrous and nonferrous metals, metal-bearing ores, and refractories. Some standards specify analytical equipment, and practices for conducting proficiency tests and reporting statistical test results; while others cover computerized systems, chemical, and material information.

[Vol. 03.06] - Molecular Spectroscopy; Surface Analysis

Published annually in October. This volume contains 93 standards. Volume 03.06 covers molecular spectroscopy, and includes standards pertaining to chromatography, fiberoptics and waveguides, infrared spectroscopy, molecular luminescence, and ultra-violet and visible spectroscopy. It also includes procedures for surface analysis and examines auger electron spectroscopy, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, ion beam sputtering, and secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS).