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Section 13 - Medical Devices and Services

This sections contains 399 standards.

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[Vol. 13.01] - Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices; Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment; Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products

Published annually in September. This volume contains 209 standards. This volume provides the latest standards for: Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices--details specifications on metals, polymers, and ceramics for implants; prostheses; medical and surgical devices; devices used in arthroplasty and osteosynthesis; silicone elastomers, gels, and foams in medical applications; and tissue engineered medical products. Each standard typically covers manufacture, chemical requirements, mechanical requirements, special tests, and certification. Accompanying the specifications are test methods, practices, guides, classifications, and terminology. Anesthetic and Respiratory Equipment--examines specifications related to anesthesia machines and monitors, laryngoscopes, bronchoscopes, ventilators, and associated equipment. Pharmaceutical Application of Process Analytical Technology-focuses on the application of process analytical technology (PAT) within the pharmaceutical industry, highlighting PAT system management, implementation, and practices

[Vol. 13.02] - Emergency Medical Services; Search and Rescue

There are 180 standards in this volume Emergency Medical Services--covers emergency medical dispatch, ambulances, fixed wing basic and specialized units, basic training for emergency medical technicians. Search and Rescue--appearing in this section are specifications and practices for search, rescue, and recovery operations, which cover testing and maintenance of equipment; management and operations; and personnel training and education.